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Animals of Australia

There are few places that match Australia for its unique animals, especially ts mammals such as its monotremes and marsupials and its abundant reptile and frog fauna.

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Kicking Peacock Spider (Maratus calcitrans, Salticidae: Jumping & Peacock spiders) Canberra, Australia Oct 2020 (1080p)

One of the special wildlife experiences of the Australian bush is a sight of a peacock spider. These jewel-like tiny jumping spiders (3-5mm in length) are famed for their colours in the males and their elaborate courtship displays. They are unique as far as it is known to Australia and new species are being discovered all the time. Being so small and active they represent a challenge to film in the wild under natural light conditions among the rocks and leaf litter of a dry woodland floor, here is my first go.

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