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Animals of Australia

There are few places that match Australia for its unique animals, especially ts mammals such as its monotremes and marsupials and its abundant reptile and frog fauna.

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Swallowtail ballet - a time-lapse butterfly performance (4K)

As an experiment. using a Lumix camera with 6K photoshoot, I was able to capture the movement of two species of swallowtail buterflies (Blue Triangle - Graphium choredon and Macleay's Swallowtail - Graphium macleayanum) in the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, Australia. These restless creatures flit between flowers and land so carefully on tip-toes so to speak, all seen here, slowed down to 1/10th of the actual speed.

The Confrontation by Podington Bear is licensed under a Attribution-Non Commercial 3.0 International license



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