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Animals of Australia

There are few places that match Australia for its unique animals, especially ts mammals such as its monotremes and marsupials and its abundant reptile and frog fauna.

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Euro (Common Walleroo) (Macropus robustus erubescens, Macropodidae: Kangaroos, Wallabies) SW Qld & NW NSW, Australia

The Euro is the subspecies of the Common Walleroo that is widespread across much of inland Australia, away from the far south. The darker subspecies that occurs in the ranges along the east coast can be seen at: and
Unlike the Red Kangaroo and the two Grey Kangaroos it favours rocky habitats, escarpment and gorge habitats. Also unlike these other species it tends to be solitary.

The two sexes are very different and the male is a large powerful animal.

This animal was known as the Euro long before Europe 'borrowed' its name for banknotes!



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