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Animals of Australia

There are few places that match Australia for its unique animals, especially ts mammals such as its monotremes and marsupials and its abundant reptile and frog fauna.

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Common Wallaroo (Macropus robustus robustus, Macropodidae: Kangaroos, Wallabies) Blue Mtns. NSW, Australia

The Walleroo is a large kangaroo widespread across much of Australia, except the far south and Tasmania. The form shown here is the Eastern Walleroo - found along the Great Dividing Range of eastern Australia. Lighter forms in more central areas are commonly known as Euros - a name which long predates the European currency of the same name!. Male and females are quite different. The male is very dark and stocky compared with the similar sized and more abundant Eastern Grey Kangaroo with which it overlaps in southeastern Australia. Tends to be found in rocky hilly country, here being lured out from such a place by some nice fodder nearby. Also see

The inland form of this species can be seen at:



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